Logistics Transport Truck
The hydrogen fuel cell logistics vehicle features the low operating noise, zero emissions and pollution, high energy density, and fast recharge rate. It is suitable for practical scenarios such as long-distance travelling, continuous working hours, and heavy load, so that it meets the requirements of long-distance travelling, variable working hours and heavy load. Therefore, hydrogen fuel cells have significant advantages in the field of logistics vehicles.
Application cases
Jingdong logistics fleet in Shanghai
In June 2018, the Jingdong hydrogen logistics fleet, equipped with Sinosynergy's fuel cell products, was officially put into operation in Shanghai.
Sinosynergy Products Commissioned in World’s Largest Ironworks
On December 20, 2021, the hydrogen energy heavy truck loaded with Sinosynergy hydrogen energy system products was put into operation in the world's largest iron and steel enterprise. The 49T hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck delivered this time is manufactured by Foshan Feichi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., loaded with Sinosynergy hydrogen energy system products and equipped with vehicle control system, which has the characteristics of strong power, high economy, light operation, driving safety and so on.
Fuel cell forklift
Fuel cell forklift on February 24, 2022, the demonstration application and operation ceremony of the first batch of hydrogen fuel cell forklift in Qingpu District, Shanghai was held in the comprehensive protection zone. The delivered models are fobot-f3011 hydrogen fuel cell balanced weight forklift and fueling 35epe30 integrated hydrogen supply device.
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