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Bipolar Plate Development Engineer
Department:Stack Technology Development Department
Release time:2023/03/03
Job Responsibilities:
1. At least 3 years experience in non-standard or automation equipment design;
2. Familiar with drawing software such as Solidworks and CAD;
3. Familiar with mechanical principle, machining process technology, etc.
4. Familiar with the characteristics of graphite materials, resin materials, etc.;
5. Working experience related to fuel cell is preferred.
1. Responsible for the design and development of bipolar plate of fuel cell;
2. Responsible for bipolar plate forming, testing technology and related tooling development;
3. Analyze the influence of plate design parameter and process on fuel cell performance;
4. Research and development of raw materials for bipolar plate.
Fuel Cell System Software Engineer
Department: System Electrical Department
Release time:2023/03/03
Job Responsibilities:
1. Familiar with working principle and characteristics of fuel cell stack, background in electrochemistry or material chemical engineering is preferred;
2. Familiar with simulink simulation platform, familiar with the application of common control algorithm module;
3. Experience in fuel cell system project development is preferred.
1. Responsible for fuel cell system control software programming;
2. Responsible for fuel cell system simulation and analysis;
3. Complete fuel cell engine control strategy development and test verification;
4. Responsible for fuel cell system design parameters decomposition, calculation and parts selection;
5. Follow up and collect system operation and maintenance data to assist in optimizing and improving system performance and control strategy;
6. Preparation of relevant technical documents.
Big Data Analysis Engineer
Department:System Electrical Department
Release time:2023/03/03
Job Responsibilities:
1. Understand basic operation principle of proton exchange membrane fuel cell and the basic functions of fuel cell system;
2. Good analysis report writing ability, able to write professional analytical research report;
3. Good fuel cell system analysis ability, strong logical analysis and independent problem-solving ability.
1. Collect fuel cell system problems encountered in the project, record and analyze feedback problems in time;
2. Collect fuel cell vehicle operation data and analyze fuel cell system characteristics and failure mode analysis;
3. Collect and analyze industry-related knowledge and issue patents;
4. Responsible for establishing data analysis model, writing analysis report, and helping system software engineer to develop fuel cell control strategy.
FEA Engineer (Structure Simulation)
Department:System Design Department
Release time:2023/03/03
Job Responsibilities:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in machinery, vehicle engineering and related fields;
2. At least 3 years relevant working experience, familiar auto industry standard, familiar with commercial vehicle road spectrum;
3. Master PTC CREO and other design software, proficient in FEA design software such as ansys and Abaqus, familiar with computer operation office software;
4. Strong coordination and communication ability, comprehensive analysis ability and executive ability.
1. Analyze fuel cell system modal, vibration, vibration shock and fatigue strength according to product structure;
2. Use corresponding software to pre-process, solve, post-process the product structure and issue an analysis report;
3. Cooperate with test engineer to complete structural modal and durability test;
4. Participate in the preparation of company related analysis standards and analysis checklists.
Electrical Engineer
Department:System Production Department
Release time:2023/03/03
Job Responsibilities:
1. 3 years working experience in electrical work, electrical test and debugging;
2. Familiar with automatic test instrument and its control software, including Labview, java, GBIP/RS232/RS485 interface, etc.;
3. Familiar with conventional test instruments and methods of power electronic products, including: power analyzer, oscilloscope, programmable power supply, etc.
1. Complete ex-factory test of batch products, develop test plan, and prepare product test and wiring harness assembly work instruction;
2. Participate in the process planning and debugging of newly developed products;
3. Take the lead in solving and handling various product technology problems related to testing in daily production and technical support for normal production of products;
4. Take an active part in the analysis and handling of customer product technology and quality problems;
5. Provide detailed analysis and explanation for major technological improvement of products, and provide necessary validation data;
6. Provide product qualification rate data report, and classify and process the data.
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