Investor Relations
  • 陈晓敏Chen Xiaomin
    Executive Director and Chairman of the Board
  • 杨泽云Yang Zeyun
    Executive Director and General Manager
  • 叶嘉杰Ye Jiajie
    Executive Director
  • 詹湛林Zhan Zhanlin
    Non-executive Director
  • 黄蛟Huang Jiao
    Non-executive Director
  • 万宇Wang Yu
    Non-executive Director
  • 刘新Liu Xin
    Independent Non-executive Director
  • 邢巍Xing Wei
    Independent Non-executive Director
  • 黄欣琪Wong Yan Ki, Angel
    Independent Non-executive Director
  • 张哲军ZHang zhejun
    Deputy General Manager
  • 刘志祥Henry Liu
    Deputy General Manager and Director of Hydrogen Fuel Cell System R&D Center
  • 燕希强Allen Yan
    Deputy General Manager , Director of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack R&D Center
  • 王骏Wang Jun
    Deputy General Manager , Joint Company Secretary and Financial Director
  • 李晶Li Jing
    Deputy General Manager and Secretary of Our Board
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