Hydrogen Production, Hydrogen Refilling, Storage and Transportation
Hydrogen production methods include hydrogen production from industrial by-products, fossil fuels, renewable energy sources, and other clean energy sources such as nuclear energy/biology.

Hydrogen storage methods mainly include low-temperature liquid hydrogen storage, high-pressure gaseous hydrogen storage and hydrogen storage through relevant materials. Among them, the gaseous hydrogen storage is the main method. High-pressure gaseous hydrogen storage has become the principal method in the market, mainly due to its simplicity, fast charging and discharging speed, flexible operation in room temperature, and low cost. Tn terms of low-temperature liquid hydrogen storage, it is difficult to make a breakthrough in the short term; therefore, the solid-state hydrogen storage method is expected to become the mainstream method in the future.

According to the hydrogen state during transportation, the method can be classified into gaseous hydrogen transportation, liquid hydrogen transportation and solid hydrogen transportation. The first two are widely being used.
Application cases
Sinosynergy hydrogen refueling station in Yunfu
The Sinosynergy hydrogen refueling station in Yunfu, established at the end of 2016, covers an area of approximately 6,500 square meters, and mainly provides hydrogen refueling services for the Yunfu fuel cell bus operation lines and complete vehicle testing in the park.
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