Fuel Cell Tramcar
In terms of the hydrogen fuel cell tramcar, the hydrogen fuel cell technology is used to generate electricity through the direct electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

A breakthrough has been made in a series of key technologies such as the fuel cell/supercapacitor hybrid traction and control, allowing to fully remove the pantograph and overhead contact system, filling the gap in this field, thus achieving the "zero emission" of pollutants and "network-free" operation in the whole process.
Application cases
Hydrogen fuel cell tramcar
In October 2017, the fuel cell tramcar, which is jointly developed by the Sinosynergy's technical team, was put into commercial operation in Tangshan, Hebei Province.
Hydrogen Digital Rail Rubber-Tired Tramcar
The World’s First Hydrogen Digital Rail Rubber-Tired Tramcar with Sinosynergy Participation Rolls Off
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