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Witnessing the Surging Power of Sinosynergy in Hannover, Germany
Release time:2022-09-22
On September 20, local time, the much expected IAA Transportation 2022 took place as scheduled in Hannover, Germany, after four years of preparation, where Sinosynergy made a splendid appearance. IAA is reputed the largest and most influential international commercial vehicle exhibition that boasts of the longest history. It’s also Sinosynergy’s debut on a European stage. By bringing its hardcore matrix of star products from bipolar plates, stacks, fuel cell systems through hydrogen solutions for vehicles, Sinosynergy passed to the European market the intelligent manufacturing in China via international industrial cooperation.

Faster and more powerful

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are an important way to utilize hydrogen energy and have witnessed fast development in recent years. Hydrogen fuel can serve as a direct source of power for vehicles and achieve an operational range north of 500 kilometers. The world leading SynStack GIII stack products and SynRoad H series fuel cell systems, the latest products of Sinosynergy on exhibition at the fair, are high in power and fast in acceleration.

Durable and long in service life
Sinosynergy is the first Chinese enterprise to have kicked off the mass production of low cost flexible graphite bipolar plates, in which the raw materials of flexible graphite plates, which are low in price, are pressure molded into bipolar plates, retaining their high conductivity and high corrosion resistance while avoiding the long processing cycle and fragility of hard graphite plates. With a service life as long as 30,000 hours, they meet effectively the full-life use on heavy-duty trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Stable and more adaptable

At present, nearly 5,000 fuel cell vehicles are equipped with Sinosynergy products and have recorded a safe operation mileage over 200 million kilometers. With a presence in more than 40 cities across the world, they provide clean power for the construction of a global green ecology. With the development and progress of various technologies, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will further improve in operational range, carrying capacity and environment adaptability and create more value for users.

Hydrogen-powered long-haul tour bus equipped with Sinosynergy systems launched in Europe

Sinosynergy also brought to the fair hydrogen-powered long-haul tour bus equipped with its proprietary high-power hydrogen fuel cell system, the first appearance of the vehicle on the European continent. The brand-new hydrogen-powered long-haul tour bus is jointly developed by Sinosynergy and its partners. From material optimization, product design, production and after service, multi-dimensional and multi-level assurance of passenger safety is provided to ensure comfortable, safe and clean travel experience. Hydrogen fuel cell buses are durable, comfortable, safe and free of carbon emission, and assure for each passenger a fresh and pleasant means of transportation. Sinosynergy attracted on the very first day of the fair flocks of exhibitors and guests to its booth.

Extensive acclamations

Sinosynergy as a world leading high-tech hydrogen fuel cell product enterprise has always been dedicated to providing the society with high-quality hydrogen fuel cell products and complete system solutions, and has won the approval of famous overseas enterprises.

A European bus operator was deeply impressed with Sinosynergy’s fuel cells. He said: "Zero-carbon emission is a mega trend. SynRoad H240 fuel cell system is very special in its integrated multi-module design. Its max. peak power of 270kW is full of imaginations and possibilities for application in Europe".

By virtue of its powerful research ability and leading practice, Sinosynergy also claimed the attention of a hydrogen station group in the European industrial chain. He hoped to visit China someday to have a look at the world leading hydrogen fuel cell stack production base and hydrogen energy demonstration base, and would be glad to have an opportunity to cooperate with Sinosynergy.

Overseas deployment

In recent years, Sinosynergy has been exploring the path for China’s hydrogen energy to go overseas. In 2018, Sinosynergy was granted the ISOTS22163 (IRIS) quality system certificate, laying a firm foundation for the company’s further development in line with international quality management system; in 2019, China’s first fuel cell buses went abroad and were delivered into use in Malaysia, and the fuel cells were of Sinosynergy production.

The hydrogen-powered long-haul bus having made its first appearance in Europe is a joint creation by Sinosynergy at the head and its partners of Allenbus, Feichi, Marco Polo and Danfoss International. This bus is expected to be sold in the markets of Europe, Southeast Asia and Americas towards the end of this year.

Creating a clean, beautiful world

The growing international concern about carbon neutrality and energy crisis has made hydrogen, the "ultimate clean energy", an important solution. Hydrogen is closely related to the future development. Sinosynergy as a pilot, pioneer and promoter of hydrogen technologies will, in collaboration with partners on the industrial chain, stick to the racing track of hydrogen energy, promote the development of hydrogen energy in the world, and create a greener and more eco-friendly new age.
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