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Sinosynergy Attends Green Low Carbon and Cleaner Production Technology Seminar
Release time:2022-08-30
On August 25, the 2022 Green Low Carbon and Cleaner Production Technology Seminar took place in Guangzhou Pazhou Convention & Exhibition Center. About 400 experts and entrepreneurs from green low carbon, cleaner production, energy saving and environmental protection fields attended the seminar for exchanging achievements in green low carbon and cleaner production technologies to boost the realization of the national carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.

Sinosynergy was invited to the event and Dr. Zhao Gang, supervisor of the Technology and Quality Center, delivered the theme speech of “Sinosynergy Boosts Green and Low Carbon Transport Development”.

“In China, the transport industry accounts for 10% of the total carbon emission of the entire society, where road transportation takes about 86.76%. And among road transportation, commercial vehicles are most challenged in the reduction of carbon emission. Heavy-duty trucks, with an ownership of 3% only, contribute 54%, 65% and 85% of the emission of carbon dioxide, particulate matters and NOx, respectively. Zero-carbon hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are undoubtedly the best clean energy solution for the transport industry.” Dr. Zhao Gang pointed out, from the perspectives of the current carbon emission of the transport industry and the advantage of hydrogen fuel cell technology, that the application of hydrogen energy in transportation is critical to the realization of the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.

He then introduced to the audience the great contribution of Sinosynergy to the green low carbon transportation. “Sinosynergy is a leading hydrogen fuel cell company in China, and its system products are widely used in buses, heavy-duty trucks, rail transport, forklifts, fixed power generation, etc. in many provinces and cities across the country. Having accumulated over 200 million kilometers of safe operation mileage, Sinosynergy has commissioned demonstrative application of its products in 40 cities of 20 provinces in the country.” Dr. Zhao Gang’s splendid share of ideas was no less than a plentiful green feast to those present on the occasion.

In November, 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries issued the "14th Five-Year Plan National Cleaner Production Implementation Plan" which points out that the implementation of cleaner production is an important means to cut pollution and carbon emission and to increase effect in synergy as well as an effective path to accelerate the formation of green production and to boost the overall green transformation of the socioeconomic development. Sinosynergy will give full play to its all-dimensional advantages as a leading hydrogen enterprise, promote cleaner production in various fields and boost the construction of a green low carbon circular economic system so as to contribute more to the realization of the carbon peak and carbon neutrality targets.
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