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Sinosynergy Exhibits Hydrogen Power as IAA Transportation 2022 Draws to a Close
Release time:2022-09-27

On September 25, the IAA Transportation 2022 in Hannover, Germany, concluded as Sinosynergy's trip of exhibition overseas drew to a successful end. IAA Transportation is the most historical exhibition in Germany that started in 1897 and has so far lasted for more than 100 years. It's learned that this great event in Germany, known as the barometer of the commercial vehicle industry, had attracted about 1,400 enterprises from more than 40 countries and regions, and, during the 6-day fair, Sinosynergy received nearly 10,000 visitors from governments, enterprises and industrial organizations, and reached consensus with enterprises from Germany, Spain and UK on further cooperation to promote the hydrogen industry development in Europe.

Showtime for Sinosynergy power

It's the first time that Sinosynergy has ever attended the IAA Transportation. To create a realistic experience for the audience, Sinosynergy had made ample preparation and careful arrangement and exhibited passionately and in high spirit Made in China to the world.

By making use of the platform of the IAA Transportation, Sinosynergy brought to the audience from around the world the latest generation world leading SynStack GIII stack products and SynRoad H series fuel cell systems, highlighting their high performance, flexibility and mass production, responding effectively and precisely to the new change in the market, and better presenting the Chinese technologies to global partners. Green economy for world sharing. The cooperation and win-win platform of IAA Transportation allows the world to share Sinosynergy's new achievements and its contribution of China power to the world's hydrogen energy development.

Eye-catching debut in Europe

During the fair, Sinosynergy attracted the interests and attention of the audience for its brilliant booth design and quality, professional service. They were deeply impressed by the first hydrogen-powered long-haul tour bus in Europe, a joint creation by Sinosynergy at the head and its partners of Allenbus, Feichi, Marco Polo and Danfoss International, as well as SynRoad H240 high power fuel cell system.

On this first show in the European market, the hydrogen-powered long-haul tour bus equipped with Sinosynergy system instantly caught the eyes of exhibitors and customers. From September 20 to 25, Sinosynergy's booth was crowded with exhibitors who came for inquiry. By virtue of advanced technology and excellent workmanship, Sinosynergy's products rank high in the industry for their stability and reliability, and won the general approval of the European customers. After meticulous inquiry, the exhibitors all showed their intention for cooperation and put up their thumbs for Sinosynergy's service!

300+ media on the move

The wonderful appearance that Sinosynergy made in Germany had aroused the attention of more than 300 international media for coverage, and such famous media as PR, DPA, Adnkronos, Finanzennet, Yahoo, European Business (UK) and FOX (USA), in their report of "World Leading Hydrogen Fuel Cell Products and Solutions Provider Sinosynergy Launches on IAA Transportation 2022 Europe's First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Long-Haul Bus", stressed in particular on this historical event of the debut in Europe of the hydrogen-powered long-haul tour bus equipped with Sinosynergy system.

Sinosynergy's attendance in the IAA Transportation in Hannover, Germany, has not only proved the strength of its products but also further reinforced its international influence. Ms. Zhu Zheyi, Sinosynergy international administration president, said: "As a pioneering and innovative provider of hydrogen technology solutions, we are committed to developing and promoting advanced hydrogen technology across the globe. The first appearance on IAA 2022 in Europe is an important milestone in our international strategy as well. Looking into the future, we will collaborate closely with international partners to contribute to the international development of hydrogen technologies and build together a greener and cleaner future."

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