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For A Net Zero World, Sinosynergy Attends UNDP Hydrogen Industry Conference 2021
Release time:2021-12-10
Source:Guangdong Nation-Synergy Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Ltd.
On December 8-10, the UNDP Hydrogen Industry Conference 2021 under the theme of “A Hydrogen Future for A Net Zero World” was held in Xiqiao Mountain Culture Center, Nanhai, Foshan.

Under the guidance of the National Development and Reform Commission and National Energy Administration, jointly hosted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and China Center for International Economic Exchanges, and fully supported by Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Foshan Municipal People’s Government and Foshan Nanhai District People’s Government, the Conference was conducted online and offline to share on an international collaboration and exchange platform the latest industrial development and scientific achievements for the realization of the global carbon peak and neutrality goals.

Beate Trankmann, UNDP Resident Representative in China, said during the meeting that we should promote clean hydrogen to tap its potential in low-carbon development, expand its application in more scenarios, step up the research, development and commercialization of critical hydrogen technologies, and strengthen international collaboration to promote the establishment of a global low-carbon hydrogen standard and explore the international trade of hydrogen energy.

Zhang Xiaoqiang, Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of the Executive Office of China Center for International Economic Exchanges, pointed out the hydrogen industry develops fast and will play during the progress of carbon neutrality a more and more important role in energy storage, clean industrial raw materials, building heating and many other fields.

Concurrently, the First Hydrogen International (Nanhai, China) Summit & Global Top100 Hydrogen Enterprises 2021 Release was hosted.Under the theme of “Aim at Carbon Peak and Neutrality, Build a Carbon-free Life”, the Summit was organized to carry out President Xi Jinping’s thinking on ecological civilization and strategic deployment of carbon peak and neutrality, and selected excellent hydrogen enterprises from the global hydrogen industry to promote cross-region cooperation between upstream and downstream industries for the creation of an emerging industry ecology and the coordinated, healthy and efficient development of the hydrogen industry chain.

Sinosynergy appeared in the Global Top100 Hydrogen Enterprises 2021 list, and Executive Deputy GM Zhang Zhejun was invited to attend the onsite exchange session.


Meanwhile, South China New Energy Auto Industry Promotion Center sponsored the Fifth China (Foshan) International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies & Products Exhibition (CHFE) in Xiqiao Mountain Culture Center, Nanhai, Foshan.The Exhibition was the largest ever in terms of exhibition size and nearly 320 advanced enterprises from home and abroad exhibited in five exhibition areas their latest hydrogen industry technologies and products. Sinosynergy brought its proprietary innovative achievements and successful application projects to its booth in Fuel Cell Hall 2. Dr. Liu Zhixiang, Deputy GM of Sinosynergy, was invited to share his ideas in “Hydrogen Theater” and discussed with industrial peers the direction of hydrogen industry development and the research, development and commercialization of hydrogen technologies in the carbon peak and neutrality background.


Dr. Liu Zhixiang pointed out, under the global carbon peak and neutrality goals, the national and local governments have worked out policies that will guide the development of fuel cells towards cargo transportation, long distance, highland and cold regions and heavy duty applications.Sinosynergy’s SynRoad products are now widely used on heavy-duty trucks and dump trucks, and its rich experience in heavy-duty applications can provide plenty of reference cases for the industry.

Sinosynergy, from the first generation SynRoad A115 to the latest SynRoad G110, has always focused on the reduction of carbon emission, the core field for exploration, and dump trucks equipped with Sinosynergy 110KW high-power products have survived the tough application in the complicated environment of mines in Shanxi Province. Up to date, over 100 49t tractors are now operating across China to boost the local development of green economy.

Foshan is the first city in China to develop the hydrogen industry. As early as 2015, Sinosynergy, under the support of Foshan and Yunfu governments, established the largest fuel cell production lines in the world, opened in 2016 the first commercial hydrogen bus line, and assisted with the construction of the first commercial hydrogen station. Since 2016, hydrogen fuel cell buses have operated reliably over 200,000km, and, since 2018, over 800 fuel cell buses have been put into operation in Foshan, making Foshan a national model of hydrogen cities.

Sinosynergy will share scientific achievements with global hydrogen partners to promote dialogue and exchange, continue to play the demonstrative role in the hydrogen industry, collaborate with more industrial players to create “hydrogen acceleration” in the country, and promote, through continuous technological innovation and high quality mass production, China’s hydrogen commercialization to embrace a hydrogen future for a net zero world.

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