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Sinosynergy Signs Agreement on Strategic Cooperation with Tsinghua University and Kewell Power
Release time:2021-12-08
Source:Guangdong Nation-Synergy Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Ltd.
On December 7, Tsinghua University, Sinosynergy and Hefei Kewell Power System Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on technological development. Tsinghua University’s Pei Pucheng team is technologically powerful in the research and evaluation of fast activation methods, while Kewell Power is a leading supplier of full stack hydrogen and fuel cell testing equipment and solutions, highly experienced in developing process equipment to produce fuel cells.

According to the agreement, Professor Pei Pucheng’s team from Tsinghua University will research and evaluate fast activation methods, Sinosynergy test and verify such methods and Kewell Power develop the relevant process equipment during the cooperation, which aims at solving the critical issue of “fuel cell fast activation”, a common headache in the mass production of fuel cells. The cooperation will amplify the social effect of Tsinghua University’s commercialization of research achievements and strengthen the market competitiveness of Sinosynergy and Kewell Power’s products.

Since the announcement of the fuel cell model city agglomerations and the promulgation of the relevant policies by the national and local governments on promoting fuel cell industry development, China’s fuel cell stacks manufacturers have begun or set about the construction of a production capacity up to 10,000 units, and prepared for a future capacity of 100,000 units. At present, the activation time of fuel cells after rolling off the line in China cannot meet the need of mass production in terms of production rhythm and cost of fuel, and has become a bottleneck that has to be tackled in mass production of stacks in the future.

That’s the background under which Sinosynergy signed the agreement with its cooperation partners, which complies with the national direction of hydrogen development and reflects the joint efforts of all parties to grasp the development opportunities in energy revolution. The cooperation will further tap the advantage of all parties, and step up innovation as well as the formation of a more effective hydrogen value chain across the country, safeguarding the fast development of the hydrogen industry in China.

Sinosynergy, a leading player in hydrogen industry, has always been dedicated to promoting the commercialization of hydrogen energy, fast transformation of scientific research achievements through enterprise, university and research institute cooperation, and solution of technical difficulties to lower the overall social cost of industrial chain and to build a complete system of hydrogen ecology.

In the future, Sinosynergy will cooperate with more industrial partners to overcome difficulties and crack hard nuts from constraining links to boost the hydrogen industry development and contribute to the realization of carbon peak and neutrality targets.
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