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Sinosynergy Leads the Development of Two Standards to Boost the Green and Healthy Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry
Release time:2021-11-11
Source:Guangdong Nation-Synergy Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Ltd.
Recently, the online kick-off meeting was successfully held for the following two standards led by Guangdong Nation-Synergy Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Ltd., namely the Assessment Requirements for Green Factory of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell and the General Rules for Assessment of Carbon Footprint of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Products.

The Special Committee on Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell of China Electronic Energy Saving Technology Association presided over the kick-off meeting, with participants involving leaders of the Standards Committee, leaders of the Special Committee on Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell and representatives of co-drafting organizations. At the meeting, the drafting team reported the background and content framework of the two standards together with the drafting plan of the assessment standards. The framework of standard drafting was eventually settled down after full discussion by all co-drafting organizations.

Sinosynergy spoke at the meeting as the representative of the co-drafting organizations. Sinosynergy conveyed its desire to deepen cooperation with enterprises of all parties in the industrial chain, well develop relevant standards for proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) and jointly promote the healthy and benign development of China's hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry.

The purpose of the Assessment Requirements for Green Factory of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell is to promote energy conservation, emission reduction and green development in material manufacturing by establishing requirements for infrastructure, management system, energy and resource investment, products and emissions of PEMFC green factories, and further, to set up benchmark enterprises and typical cases as driving forces of the green manufacturing upgrading of related enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

Product Carbon Footprint, interpreted as the sum of all greenhouse gas emissions in the product life cycle, can be quantified and presented to the public and consumers in the form of labels. The standardizing on the emission and removal of GHG of PEMFC products is expected to provide a quantitative and assessment basis for GHG emission reduction targets in hydrogen energy industry, facilitate the comprehensive integration of China's fuel cell manufacturing industry with related international industries in carbon accounting and admit of a bigger voice in international trade competition.

Sinosynergy, as a leading enterprise in the hydrogen energy industry, has been committed to advancing the standardization process of PEMFC green production. Since 2018, Sinosynergy has participated in drafting a number of relevant standards, of which three national standards have been officially released and implemented.

Source: National Public Service Platform for Standards Information

In October 2016, Sinosynergy officially initiated the design of PEMFC production line. In June 2017, the fuel cell stack and system integration production line was completed and put into operation, with a design annual capacity of 20,000 stacks. This is also the largest fuel cell production line in China, or even in the world. In 2019, Sinosynergy was granted as the National Green Factory and National Green Supply Chain Management Demonstration Enterprise.


Sinosynergy cell stack products have a dominant share in the domestic market and have been the top rank for four consecutive years. As of today, Sinosynergy products has been applied in 50% of the online hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in China, resulting in about 500,000t CO2 emissions reduction each year, equivalent to additionally planting 50 million trees per year. This is destined to provide continuous clean power for China's green development.

In the future, Sinosynergy will persist in the development concept of "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" as always, struggle towards the trend of innovation-driven and low carbon-oriented development and contribute to the sound development of China's fuel cell industry. We are willing to wholeheartedly cooperate with upstream and downstream enterprises for a better future full of cleanness and sustainable development.
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