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Sinosynergy – Yueboo Cooperation Upgraded Once Again
Release time:2021-12-16
Source:Guangdong Nation-Synergy Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Ltd.
On December 16, Yueboo's Chief Scientist Luo Benjin and Sinosynergy's Deputy Marketing Director Wang Decai signed on behalf of their companies a cooperation agreement on hydrogen fuel cell project, and defined commercial vehicles such as buses, dump trucks, logistics trucks, refrigerated trucks, etc., as target markets and application scenarios for their products. Yueboo's Chairman and General Manager Li Zhanjiang, Deputy General Manager Jiang Yuanguang, Supply Chain Director Wei Xinjun and Sinosynergy's Deputy Director of the region Dong Ya attended the signing ceremony.

As China's leading provider of new energy vehicle power systems and solutions, Yueboo has always focused on power systems and extended into the fields of both hydrogen fuel cells and intelligent connectivity in its development strategy to grasp opportunities. In the field of hydrogen fuel cells, Yueboo has set up a hydrogen power system research institute, and appointed Prof. Albert Albers, Member of German National Academy of Science and Engineering and Head of the Institute of Product Engineering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), as the head advisor. It has also entered cooperation with the municipal government of Kaifeng City, Henan, since April 2021, to build Yueboo New Energy (Hydrogen) Industry Cluster.

Yueboo R&D and Production Facilities
As a leading player in the fuel cell industry, Sinosynergy started first in China the low-cost mass production of flexible expansion graphite bipolar plates, and completed the construction in 2017 of the largest ever fuel cell stacks production base in the world. In the past four years, the Company has taken the largest market share in terms of the total sales of stacks products. The Company's products are now widely used in road transportation, and fuel cell vehicles equipped with Sinosynergy products are operating in 30 cities of 15 provinces to boost the healthy development of the local green economy.

Sinosynergy's R&D and Production Facilities
With the signing of this agreement, the two parties will further promote the R&D and testing of hydrogen fuel cell power assemblies, provide automakers with integrated hydrogen power assembly products and services, improve effectively their assembly equipment and production efficiency, and boost the construction of Henan Yueboo New Energy (Hydrogen) Industry Cluster Project.

In the future, the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages in technology, work together through integration of resources, mutual empowerment and innovative development to build a complete fuel cell supply chain, and promote the leap-forward development of clean energy transportation to contribute to the national goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality.
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