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Inner Mongolian Vice-Chairwoman Ai Lihua and USTC President Bao Xinhe Visit Erdos Sinosynergy on Inspection Tour
Release time:2022-08-23
On the afternoon of August 20, Ai Lihua, vice-chairwoman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Bao Xinhe, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and president of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Li Zhongkai, director-general of the Industry and Information Technology Department, and Sun Junqing, director-general of the Science and Technology Department, paid an inspection visit to Erdos Sinosynergy in the company of Li Li, secretary of the CPC Erdos municipal Committee, Zhang Wei, standing member and secretary general of the CPC Erdos Municipal Committee, and Liu Fengyun, vice-mayor of Erdos Municipal People’s Government. Sinosynergy Executive Deputy GM Zhang Zhejun presided over the reception and did the presentation in person.

President Bao Xinhe spoke highly of the achievements of Sinosynergy. He pointed out that China has started early in the research of hydrogen fuel cells and the industry is developing fast, having made significant breakthroughs in spare parts. He hoped that Sinosynergy could continue with its efforts and make new achievements.

President Bao Xinhe was once the head of CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics. It was he and Academician Yi Baolian as well as many other scholars of the older generation who had in decades of persevering efforts cultivated innumerous high-level talents in hydrogen energy and laid a firm foundation for the prosperity of China’s fuel cell industry.
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