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20 Heavy-Duty Trucks Equipped with Sinosynergy Systems Delivered for Operation in Tianjin
Release time:2022-08-02
On July 26, in the morning, Rockcheck Group officially delivered 20 hydrogen fuel cell tractors for operation in Tianjin. These 20 hydrogen fuel cell tractors commissioned for operation are equipped with Sinosynergy's SynRoad G110 fuel cell system, which in the prior trial operation contests won the favor of Rockcheck Group for excellent quality and outstanding performance. These hydrogen powered heavy-duty trucks are of 49 tons in capacity, and will provide routine transportation service via Rockcheck Zhiyun Internet Cargo Shipment Platform for zero-carbon emission transportation.

As major carbon emitters in the transportation sector, heavy-duty trucks have to switch to new energies and hydrogen meets well their need. Compared with lithium battery, in the first place, fuel cells feature higher energy density, and heavy-duty trucks installed with fuel cells are lighter in weight when travelling the same mileage; secondly, fuel cell vehicles can be topped up in 5-10 minutes. Besides, low temperature has always been a serious challenge to lithium batteries while hydrogen fuel cells perform perfectly well in high altitude regions, one more advantage for operation in the north in winter. In terms of cost, the installation of hydrogen fuel cells can directly reduce the cost of use of heavy-duty trucks.

So far, SynRoad G series fuel cell systems are used on buses, logistics vehicles and heavy-duty trucks for landmark demonstration application in these fields to boost the commercial operation of fuel cell vehicles in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Shandong, Henan, the Northwest and the Southwest. Sinosynergy's fuel cell products have so far been installed in nearly 5,000 vehicles, have operated over 130,000,000 km in 39 regions in 20 provinces, and have ranked number one for five consecutive years in the domestic fuel cell stacks market.

Sinosynergy has created in the hydrogen powered transportation sector many an application scenario. The collaboration this time will help Rockcheck Group reduce costs, raise quality and enhance effects, and boost Tianjin's Internet-based cargo transport into the "hydrogen era". Sinosynergy will also join hands with upstream and downstream partners to build a hydrogen energy ecosystem chain and continue to contribute to the industrial development.
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