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Sinosynergy Heads the Formulation of Two Group Standards to Promote the Standardized Development of the Industry
Release time:2022-07-28
Recently, two standards, the PEMFC Products Carbon Footprint Assessment Guide (T/DZJN98-2022) and the PEMFC Industry Green Factory Assessment Requirements (T/DZJN99-2022), the formulation of which was headed by Sinosynergy, were officially released and will come into force on August 1, 2022.

The PEMFC Products Carbon Footprint Assessment Guide (T/DZJN98-2022) stipulates the terms and definitions, principles, scope of application, product carbon footprint assessment procedures, product carbon footprint calculation methods, product carbon label assessment report, etc. for the assessment of PEMFC product carbon footprint, is applicable to the relevant parties for the calculation of PEMFC product carbon footprint and the assessment of the carbon footprint results, and serves as a reference for the formulation of PEMFC product carbon footprint calculation technical specifications.

The PEMFC Industry Green Factory Assessment Requirements (T/DZJN99-2022) stipulates the assessment principles, methods, indicator system, requirements, procedures and report, is applicable to the assessment of PEMFC industry green factories with actual production processes, and serves as the general requirements for the formulation of green factory assessment standards of PEMFC industry enterprises.

The two group standards headed by Sinosynergy in the formulation have filled the gap of China's PEMFC sector in carbon footprint assessment standard and industrial green factory assessment standard. Sinosynergy, as a leading enterprise in the hydrogen energy industry, has always been committed to promoting the standardization of PEMFC green production. Since 2018, Sinosynergy has participated in the drafting of a number of relevant standards, of which four national standards and four group standards have been officially released and implemented. The two FEMFC group standards took over seven months from the approval of the project through their release and implementation. They are the accumulation and summary of Sinosynergy's years of technologies and experiences and will be of great significance to the sound, healthy development of China's hydrogen energy and fuel cell industries.
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