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Fuzhou University and Sinosynergy Sign Framework Agreement to Boost High-Speed Development of the Hydrogen Industry
Release time:2021-12-18
Source:Guangdong Nation-Synergy Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Ltd.
On December 17, Huang Guohui, Director of Fuzhou University Science and Technology Achievement Transfer and Transformation Center, and Zhang Zhejun, Executive Deputy GM of Sinosynergy, under the principle of complementing advantages, sharing resources and seeking joint development, signed on behalf of the two parties a framework cooperation agreement to boost the realization of the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals. Prof. Zhang Jiujun (Academician), Ni Zhaoxia, Party Secretary and Yuan Pei, Executive Dean of Fuzhou University School of Materials Science and Engineering attended the signing ceremony, and famous scholars such as Academician Sun Shigang from Xiamen University and Academician Sun Xueliang from the University of Western Ontario were invited to witness the event.

During the signing ceremony, Wanhua Chemical Group, Leoch International Technology Limited and XTC New Energy Materials (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. also signed cooperation agreements with Fuzhou University to give full play to their respective advantages and jointly promote high quality university – enterprise cooperation.

According to the Agreement, the two parties will cooperate on “personnel training and exchange” and “landing of scientific innovations and achievements”, and further exert their advantages in resources to promote hydrogen related personnel training and employment, and accelerate research project cooperation, joint construction of R&D platform, sharing of software and hardware research resources and transformation and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements.

Fuzhou University is a “double first-class” school, a national “Project 211” key university and a joint-venture between Fujian Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Education. It has now become a key university that focuses on technologies, combines both sciences and technologies and achieves balanced development of sciences, technologies, economics, management, literature and arts. The school has established 90 major programs, 38 first-level discipline master programs, 21 points to confer master degrees, 14 first-level discipline doctor programs, 2 second-level discipline doctor programs, and 10 centers for post-doctoral studies.

Sinosynergy is a national high-tech enterprise with hydrogen fuel cell as its core products, aiming to provide the society with high quality hydrogen fuel cell products and comprehensive system solutions, and has completed the construction of a world leading production base for hydrogen fuel cell stacks. Sinosynergy upholds the concept of “innovation, tenacity, openness, and win-win”, sticks to self innovation to pursue breakthrough and transcendence, and has successfully realized self innovation in research and development, localization of core materials and production equipment, and high quality mass production and smart manufacturing. Thanks to its strong independent R&D and innovation capability, high-quality and reliable products, and excellent service infrastructure, Sinosynergy has ranked first for four consecutive years in the market share of stack products.

In the background of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, Sinosynergy, a leading enterprise in hydrogen industry, enters into strategic cooperation with Fuzhou University in response to the national new energy strategy. Sinosynergy has always been committed to promoting the commercialization of hydrogen industry and established cooperation with several leading universities in China to explore university – enterprise interaction modes through innovation of research organization and management system. It aims to focus on new energy materials and devices to build the abilities to conduct scientific innovations and solve strangling key technical issues, serve the construction of new disciplines of technology to promote the development of related disciplines, and train high-level new energy innovation personnel to solve technical headaches in the industry.

In the future, Sinosynergy will cooperate with more industrial partners, provide strenuous scientific and personnel support to the construction of new enterprises with Chinese characteristics and international leadership, and boost the hydrogen industry development to contribute to the realization of carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.
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