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Procurement Manager
Release time:2023/03/03
Job Responsibilities:
1.Bachelor degree or above, at least 3 years of experience in automotive industry procurement;
2.Those with the working experience in fuel cell system, vehicle application integration in automotive industry, preliminary engineering of powertrain or parts procurement are preferred;
3.Strong communication skills and strong executive force.
1.Be responsible for new supplier resource search and business negotiation;
2.Play a leading role in supplier audit and designation;
3.Assist SQE in supplier quality management;
4.Be responsible for the purchase of factory equipment, tooling, materials and other sporadic items;
5.Track suppliers to ensure that they deliver on time on the premise of ensuring quality;
6.Play a leading role in the annual selection and replacement of suppliers and supplier change application
Production Manager
Release time:2023/03/03
Job Responsibilities:
1.Junior college degree or above, major in machinery or related fields;
2.More than 5 years of working experience in auto parts and components, and more than 1 year of management experience;
3.Familiarity with IATF16949 quality system; those with the knowledge of fuel cell system are preferred;
4.Strong decision-making, judgment and planning skills, and strong executive force;
5.Good cooperation, negotiation and conflict resolution skills;
1.Be responsible for the formulation and implementation of production plan to ensure the completion of product delivery tasks with satisfied quality and quantity;
2.Organize the formulation of procurement plan to meet the production demand;
3.Formulate department work plan and implement it;
4.Be responsible for the personnel management and training of the base factory;
5.Be responsible for the daily management of the rectification production base;
6.Assist external personnel in equipment maintenance or engineering construction
Fuel Cell Software Testing and Calibration Engineer
Release time:2023/03/03
Job Responsibilities:
1. Master degree or above, major in machinery, electrical or other related fields;
2. Two years and above of experience in automotive control software development or testing;
3.Familiarity with the working principle and control logic of the fuel cell powertrain, and ability to perform engine performance debugging;
4. Proficiency in using Matlab / Simulink and other modeling and simulation tools;
5. Proficiency in using CANape, CANalyzer and other bus calibration and debugging tools; proficiency in reading and writing C language programs.
1.Decompose customer requirements, and clarify and define system software requirements in terms of function, reliability and safety;
2.Be responsible for the control logic construction and test of fuel cell control software, and manage and track software defects;
3.Be responsible for system calibration management and calibration test execution;
4.Define the writing of SOR files for FCCU and other core components in the fuel cell assembly; 5.Define the security function of the system, and test and verify the protection function;
6.Undertake the work related to the matching, communication, software design and verification of FCCU and BOP component drivers;
7.Be responsible for the management of software version and change, and carry out the technical docking with customers and suppliers;
8.Define system software verification scheme, complete debugging and verification;
9.Be responsible for the release of fuel cell system calibration and the maintenance of calibration manual, and the regular release of fuel cell system software test report;
10.Assist in solving quality problems on the market side and supplier side, and provide technical support.
Fuel Cell System Engineer
Release time:2023/03/03
Job Responsibilities:
1.Bachelor degree or above, major in vehicle engineering, machinery, automation or other related fields;
2.More than 3 years of experience in vehicle application integration, powertrain pre-engineering or component development in the automotive industry;
3.Familiarity with the development process of automobile products, and knowledge of the evaluation indicators of power system;
4.Knowledge of fuel cell system, structure, performance, reliability, etc.;
5.Familiarity with IATF16949 system, and strong quality awareness and detail orientation.
1.Be responsible for the preliminary design requirements analysis of fuel cell system and the conversion of the vehicle drive system level requirements into fuel cell system design requirements;
2.Be responsible for the architecture design of fuel cell system and the confirmation of the overall technical scheme,;
3.Define the requirements and specifications of the system / subsystem;
4.Design the functional requirements of the system based on the FCCU software architecture;
5.Define security requirements from system level to part and component level;
6.Define the SOR requirements of the core components from the system level;
7.Formulate system level test and verification scheme, and support the calibration, test and verification of the system;
8.Participate in the trial production, commissioning and testing of fuel cell system;
9.Coordinate the completion of subsystem matching design;
10.Prepare and maintain system technical documents.
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