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Purchasing Supervisor/Engineer
Department:Purchasing Department
Release time:2023/03/03
Job Responsibilities:
1. At least 3 years working experience in procurement and supplier development in related areas of the supply chain such as automobile manufacturer or manufacturing enterprise;
2. Proficient in Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and other office software;
3. C1 or above driver's license and more than 2 driving years.
1. Development of new suppliers
2. Valuation of main raw materials;
3. Evaluation of suppliers;
4. Search for alternative materials;
5. Preparation of relevant technical and quality documents of Purchasing Department;
6. Communicate and coordinate with technical and quality department on technique and quality issues;
7. Communicate and coordinate with suppliers on technique and quality issues;
8. Control of procurement cost;
Regional Sales Director/Senior Customer Manager
Department:Business Division
Base:Whole country
Release time:2023/03/03
Job Responsibilities:
1. Comprehensively and specifically responsible for marketing in the designated area according to the company's sales plan;
2. Grasp the market characteristics, marketing characteristics and development trends in the area under the jurisdiction, and develop and implement regional business plans and marketing action plans;
3. Understand customers' demand, explore the product demand and business demand of potential and existing customers, and make corresponding strategies and plans;
4. Visit customers in the area and deal with customers' objections and complaints to improve customer satisfaction and establish good customer relations.
5. Develop customers, including technique transfer and quoted price to finally implement the fixed SOP of project and product;
6. Responsible for auditing and supervising the sales expenses budget and sales contract, responsible for collection of receivables;
7. Regularly report regional management status to management, discover risks and give early warning in time.
1. Those who are major in engineering course and have good automotive technology knowledge are preferred;
2. At least 5 years marketing and market development experience in auto parts, system and other fields;
3. Those who are familiar with product dynamic and product market in the auto industry and have experience in the hydrogen energy industry are preferred;
4. Those who have mature business experience in connecting with main engine plants and mature new energy business or channels are preferred;
5. Excellent market development capability, business negotiation skill, and customer relationship management capability.
Legal Specialist
Department:Capital Operation Department
Release time:2023/03/03
Job Responsibilities:
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Law and other related majors;
3. Comprehensive and solid legal knowledge, familiar with company law, contract law, intellectual property law, etc.; experience in legal theory and practice; familiar with office software;
4. More than two years of relevant working experience, excellent fresh graduates can also be considered;
5. Quick and careful thinking, strong verbal and written expression ability; strong analysis and judgment, risk control and adaptation ability.
1. Draft, develop and review various company agreements, contracts, articles of association and other legal documents, and supervise the implementation of contracts;
2. Provide early warning of the company's legal risks, sort the company's internal control process, and make suggestions for improvement;
3. Make suggestions for special affairs of new business, identify and assess compliance risks, and provide compliance support;
4. Cooperate with external lawyers to deal with the company's legal disputes and participate in litigation and arbitration;
5. Track changes in laws and regulations, regulatory requirements and industry rules, and make recommendations according to business development.
Engineer in Charge of Electric Control Room
Department:System Electrical Department
Release time:2023/03/03
Job Responsibilities:
1. Be proficient in the basic operation principle of proton exchange membrane fuel cell and the basic function of fuel cell system;
2. Be proficient in fuel cell engine system composition and control logic;
3. Familiar with fuel cell engine industry standards and trends;
4. Spirit of exploring new things, active learning ability and communication ability;
5. Familiar with application layer software development model and system and simulink code generation tools;
Preferred condition: background in control theory
1. Develop control strategy according to the principle and characteristics of fuel cell engine to ensure system reliability and service life;
2. Handover with software engineer to verify the control strategy;
3. Divide the internal subsystem control module of fuel cell engine into functional blocks for modularization;
4. After the functional module is fully verified, the fuel cell engine can share the module;
5. The software test engineer checks and tests the program written by the FCU software engineer;
6. Test software according to test cases.
Process Quality Engineer
Department:System Quality Management Department
Release time:2023/03/03
Job Responsibilities:
1. At least 2 years working experience in quality management;
2. Familiar with SPC and IATF16949 system;
3. Strong product quality management concept, familiar with product audit standard and quality control process;
4. Experience in docking process audit.
1. Develop, maintain and improve quality documents such as inspection instruction and record form according to inspection plans, product standards, technical requirements, etc., and organize IPQC and OQC to implement first inspection, patrol inspection and finished product inspection to ensure accuracy and effectiveness;
2. Be responsible for process quality exception handling, organizing problem analysis meeting, make corrective action lists of non-conforming products, and track, confirm and improve problems;
3. Be responsible for using SPC, MSA and other tools to monitor, analyze and improve process capability;
4. Conduct monthly and annual statistical analysis of poor quality, feed back and improve to increase yield;
5. Plan and organize the implementation of product audit according to relevant procedures and standards, participate in process audit, and organize corrective and preventive measures for audit findings to ensure that products meet design requirements.
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