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Heavyweight New Products Launched for Green Hydrogen City
Release time:2022-04-29
On April 8, 2022, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region hosted a motivational meeting to push forward the construction of major projects for high-quality development. Shi Taifeng, Secretary of the CPC Inner Mongolian Committee and Director of the People’s Congress Standing Committee, and his entourage arrived at “Ordos Meijin Sinosynergy Scientific and Industrial Park” to inspect Sinosynergy’s “high-power hydrogen fuel cell stacks production and hydrogen-powered commercial vehicle powertrain integration” project. Sinosynergy’s Chairman & GM Chen Xiaomin, Deputy GMs Liu Zhixiang and Yan Xiqiang were present and served as guides to the guests.

Meanwhile, Sinosynergy inaugurated ceremoniously the most powerful graphite plates fuel cell stacks and systems in the world - SynStack GIII fuel cell stacks and SynRoad H fuel cell systems.

Being the Best of the Industry
Penetrating the Ceiling of Fuel Cell Performance

SynStack GIII stacks and SynRoad H systems are not only the milestone products that Sinosynergy has taken two years to develop and launched as heavyweight products, but also high-power fuel cell products that lead the industry in many performance indices.


Graphite plates stack of the highest output power of single cell and the highest volumetric specific power in the world

(1) High-power output and excellent comprehensive performance. Sinosynergy’s new-generation graphite plates stacks can achieve an output power of 200 kW per stack, a performance index of internationally advanced level;

(2) High volumetric specific power. The specific power density is higher than 4.5 kW/L, comparable with metal plates stacks and meeting the requirements of passenger vehicles;

(3) Highly adaptable to low-temperature environment, and can be started at a temperature as low as -35 degree Celsius, suitable for application in such cold regions as the Northwest, Northeast and Northern China;

(4) Highly adaptable to harsh environments, meeting the application requirements in such severe scenarios as mines (mining wastes, coal, stones, iron ores), high plateaus, high temperature and sandstorm weather; and

(5) Long service life that lasts over 30,000hr, meeting the requirements of such commercial vehicles as heavy-duty trucks throughout their lifecycle.


The most powerful and efficient hydrogen powertrain across the globe

This series includes H120 and H240 high-power fuel cell systems with a rated output power of 120 kW and 240 kW respectively.

(1) High compatibility. The first to adopt the modular design concept in the industry, the system integrates multiple stacks into modules to deliver 100-400 kW power output. More systems can be wired in parallel to achieve 100,000,000 W level system output;

(2) High efficiency. With a rated working efficiency of 44% and max working efficiency 61%, the system has attained the leading level in the industry;

(3) High power. Synroad H240 system features a peak power of 270 kW, the highest of its kind in the industry in term of single-unit power, meeting the power requirements of such vehicles as heavy-duty trucks; and

(4) Vast application. The design standard covers such scenarios as road transport, rail transport, ships, movable power stations and fixed power generation.

SynStack GIII fuel cell stacks and SynRoad H fuel cell systems, by virtue of their higher power output and working efficiency, deliver leading product performance in every aspect, becoming the No. 1 or first invention in many performance indices and penetrating the ceiling of fuel cell performance.

The First High-Power Fuel Cell Production Line in Northwest Landed

SynStack GIII stacks and SynRoad H series systems will be produced in Ordos Sinosynergy “high-power hydrogen fuel cell stacks production and hydrogen-powered commercial vehicle powertrain integration” project (hereinafter referred to as the “project”), a major introduced project in Inner Mongolia, which is equipped with the most advanced digital production lines in China and 100% proprietary core parts and machine tools to ensure internationally leading level of product performance.

The completion and commissioning of this project will ensure the landing of the first high-power fuel cell production line in the Northwest and serve as an important support for Sinosynergy to make Eji Horo Banner its cornerstone and to build the largest hydrogen heavy-duty truck production and application base across the globe.

Since September, 2021, when the agreement for the project was signed, Sinosynergy immediately organized working teams for workshop design and construction, equipment procurement, shipment, installation, calibration and adjustment, personnel allocation and assignment to their posts to promote the construction of the production lines. During this period, Sinosynergy overcame such difficulties as epidemic outbreak, shortage of hands during holidays and cold climate conditions and raced against time to catch up with the schedule, and before the sixth month terminated had the project commissioned already, kicking off wonderfully by “Sinosynergy speed” the construction of major projects for high-quality development in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Inner Mongolia has always adhered to the philosophy of “ecology first, green development” and Ordos is the pioneer in the practice of green low-carbon development. Sinosynergy will make full use of the Inner Mongolian advantage of resources and plentiful operating scenarios, align itself to Ordos’ “one city, one circle, one belt” hydrogen industry development visions and, through scientific innovation and technological breakthrough, industrial construction and creation of a complete hydrogen industrial chain, build a national-level hydrogen industry highland in the Northwest, contributing to the realization of the “carbon peak and carbon neutrality” goals.
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