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Draw Hydrogen Energy Blueprint for the Greater Bay Area┃Sinosynergy Attends the First Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macau Greater Bay Area Hydrogen Energy Forum
Release time:2021-10-02
Source:Guangdong Nation-Synergy Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Ltd.
On September 28-29, the First Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macau Greater Bay Area (Guangzhou) Hydrogen Energy Forum was held at Huangpu International Convention Center. This Forum is a large-scale industry event cosponsored by Guangzhou Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Federation and South China University of Technology under the guidance of the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality, Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission and China Hydrogen Alliance, etc. Zhang Yong, standing member of the CPC Guangzhou Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor of the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality, Chen Yong, Secretary of the CPC Guangzhou Huangpu Committee, and Xu Ziming, Director of Energy Efficiency and Energy Storage of the National Energy Administration Science and Technology Division attended the Forum.

Source: Guangzhou Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Federation

This hydrogen energy forum was a concrete step that Guangzhou took to implement the carbon peak and neutrality goals, stimulate the vitality of hydrogen economy, and promote the development of the hydrogen energy industry in the Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macau Greater Bay Area. The Forum attracted many talented people who presented there wonderful ideas around the reform of energy development and discussed from different perspectives the high quality development of the hydrogen energy industry. The Forum had three venues where nearly 200 hydrogen energy experts and heads of leading enterprises from all over the country, focusing on hydrogen energy industry research and development and achievements marketization, the hydrogen energy deployment of energy companies under the carbon peak and neutrality goals, and the industry chain development and application scenarios of hydrogen fuel cells, interpreted the current operation of the hydrogen energy industry, study and determine its future development, comprehensively and thoroughly explore the opportunities and future for the industry's development, and suggest on the industrialization and commercialization of hydrogen energy.

In recent years, Guangzhou has planned comprehensively the development of hydrogen industry from an energy perspective, and built a hydrogen energy industry chain that suits the local conditions. In the next 10 years, it will create an emerging industry with an output value of 100 billion yuan. Regarding the future development of the hydrogen energy industry in Guangzhou, Zhang Jiujun, an academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering and the Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada, and chief technical adviser of Sinosynergy, shared his views. He believes that the core components of fuel cells are the key to the development of the hydrogen energy industry. Under the huge market demand, local governments will gradually introduce support policies, and meanwhile, China has a large reserve of professional talents. Zhang Jiujun is confident that fuel cells will be industrialized within 10 years.

As a leading enterprise in the fuel cell industry, Sinosynergy brought the SynStack GI stacks and flexible graphite bipolar plates to the forum, and Dr. Yan Xiqiang, Deputy General Manager, delivered the speech of the Heavy-duty Application of Hydrogen Fuel Cells. Dr. Yan Xiqiang made a detailed report on the policy support of model city clusters, the development and trend of heavy-duty trucks, and the fields of application for Sinosynergy products. He said that the replacement of gasoline by hydrogen fuel cells and lithium batteries is a general trend, and an enterprise should follow the requirements of the national strategic development. At present, Sinosynergy's fuel cell products have been widely used in heavy-duty trucks, dump trucks and other road transportations, and put into commercial operation in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong and Southwest regions. In-depth industrial chain collaboration is conducted in Chongqing and Ordos. Up to now, there are more than 4,000 vehicles installed with Sinosynergy hydrogen fuel cells running on the road, and the total operating mileage has exceeded 100 million kilometers, accounting for a cumulative market share over 70% for three consecutive years.

Five national ministries and commissions have recently issued the Notice on Starting the Demonstrative Application of Fuel Cell Vehicles, and Guangdong is one of the first city clusters for demonstrative application of fuel cell vehicles. The hydrogen energy industry is given an unprecedented opportunity of development. As a highland of hydrogen energy industry in the Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macau Greater Bay Area, Guangzhou leads the country in strong market demand, complete manufacturing facilities, quantity of hydrogen refueling stations, and the promotion scale of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Sinosynergy will actively seize the opportunity of Guangdong being approved a fuel cell vehicle demonstration city cluster, make use of Guangdong's early riser advantage in hydrogen energy industry to coordinate with industry partners, create a development mode of Greater Bay Area linkage, industrial chain coordination and focused promotion of heavy-duty commercial application scenarios, provide the society with excellent fuel cell products and complete system solutions through continuous technological innovation and high quality mass production, help to build a high quality high level fuel cell vehicle demonstration cluster, join the upstream and downstream industrial partners to draw a hydrogen energy blueprint for the Greater Bay Area, build a carbon-free economy for the society and contribute to the application of fuel cells and achievement of carbon peak and neutrality objectives in the Greater Bay Area and the whole country as well.
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